Household Products Database

Household Products Database

This database links over 13,000 consumer brands to health effects from Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provided by manufacturers and allows scientists and consumers to research products based on chemical ingredients. The database is designed to help answer the following typical questions:

  • What are the chemical ingredients and their percentage in specific brands?
  • Which products contain specific chemical ingredients?
  • Who manufactures a specific brand? How do I contact this manufacturer?
  • What are the acute and chronic effects of chemical ingredients in a specific brand?
  • What other information is available about chemicals in the toxicology-related databases of the National Library of Medicine?

Information in the Household Products Database (the database) is from a variety of publicly available sources including brand-specific labels and Material Safety Data Sheets when available from manufacturers and manufacturers' web sites. NLM and its Contractor (the Database Providers) do not test products nor investigate to determine if this information is complete or accurate. The Database Providers do their best to record the information as it appears on labels and other sources. Manufacturers frequently change formulations and although the Database Providers strive to keep information current, a lag period may occur between the time when a manufacturer makes a change to a label or a Material Safety Data Sheet, and the time a change appears in the database. As a result, The Database Providers cannot guarantee that the information in the database is 100% accurate, current or complete at a particular point in time. When precise ingredient information is important, the database should not be considered a substitute for reading labels on products or for contacting the manufacture. For these purposes, the Database Providers have provided telephone numbers and mailing addresses where available.

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