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Ready for your first business website but don’t know how to get started? Needing a beautiful, functional online portfolio? Interested in a new challenge?

We encourage all small business owners or managers who need to learn the skills of managing a web page.

Design.Code.Market is a FREE program for those who want to design and code their first website in easy to understand steps. Participants will attend two-hour sessions once a week for five weeks. Complete the 5-week course along with all task and...

Creating Your Small Business' Strategic Plan

A two-part workshop for small business owners and potential business owners wanting to refine their strategic plan. Ms. Portis will walk entrepreneurs through an interactive process to help each business discover values that govern their business and create a financial strategy to support and encourage growth. Although attending both sessions is recommended, feel free to drop in on the session that best aligns with your business needs.

Session 1

Clarifying your vision and growth strategy (Developing Your Growth Plan) Determining what’s necessary to run a...

Quick Books for Beginners Presented by SCORE

QuickBooks is the accounting system most small businesses use. Learn the beginnings of this easy to use software from Larry Clevenger, a certified public accountant (CPA). For users who want to learn from the beginning how to set up a company, pay bills, invoice customers, reconcile their bank accounts and use QuickBooks as a tool to help manage their business.

About the Speaker Larry Clevenger has owned his own CPA firm for over 23 years, general practice with all types of clients. Prepared many types of tax and information returns, such as 1040, 1041, 1120,...

Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Learn how to prevent Stormwater Pollution every time it rains.

Many of our daily activities can cause pollutants to enter our local waterways through rain water which runs off impervious surfaces like roofs, sidewalks and driveways. Learn about the most common urban pollutants and their effect on our local water quality!

We will discuss the purpose and function of the storm drainage system and cover common solutions to minimizing the amount of pollutants that enter our storm drain system and ultimately our local waterways.

No registration required for this program....

Build Responsibly

Let us help you to alleviate problems with the floodplain permitting process and help facilitate responsible building and lessen the impact on our local waterways. This presentation will cover the submittal requirements for both Floodplain Development permits and stormwater pollution prevention plans to the City of Arlington.

presented in partnership with Arlington Stormwater Management

Overcome Fear in Business

What's stopping you from starting a small business? Fear is ever present in life - even for small business owners. Fear can either cripple you or propel you in to the next phase of your business. Come to this Small Business Network program and learn tactics to overcome it! For new and veteran business owners.

Presented by JaCoi James, JK Consulting .


How to Support Your Customer

In the third quarter of 2017, DFW small businesses saw a 24% increase in sales. Learn how you can be a part of this positive trend: people want to know who you are as a small business! This workshop, part of our Small Business Network, will give you tools to better understand how to support those that can benefit from your product and services.

Presented by JaCoi James, J&K Consulting

Job Coaching

Are you interested in making a change in your career? Do you feel like you aren't reaching your potential in your current job? Come ready to learn, grow and create positive change in your life and career.

Flood Insurance: What Property Owners Need to Know

Learn how to determine the risk of flooding in the City of Arlington and how you can purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. The class will include topics such as:

natural floodplain functions - maintaining this function reduces the overall risk of flooding flood risk - how to find out if your property is at risk and flood insurance - available to both residential and commercial areas outside the Special Flood Hazard areas

Presented by the Floodplain Administration of the Public Works and Transportation Department.

Building Business Relationships is Critical to Your Small Business

Business relationships are critical if you want to flourish in your industry. Most people focus only on marketing their product or services but leaving out the most important factor - the people! Join us at this workshop to explore the ways that you can make a greater impact in the relationships you build while at the same time achieving revenue growth.

Presented by J&K Consulting


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