What is a Resource?

Our online resources include databases, reference materials, learning tools, eBooks and more. Each library offers a different set of resources. If a resource is not available through your home library, you can get a library card at your neighboring library or contact us to request that your library add the resource.

So what can you do at an online resource? Here are just a few things you can do and explore with our resources:

  • Download and read an eBook or eMagazine.
  • View an old auto repair manual that might otherwise be hard to find.
  • Learn a new foreign language.
  • Get help with school tutoring.
  • Read an online encyclopedia.
  • Explore thousands of healthy recipes. 

Best of all? Our online resources are free and available 24/7, 

Please note: Our resources are hosted by different companies. When you access a resource, you will be taken to the resource's website, which will not look the same as the MORe website. Sometimes, a resource website may provide an option for a special login so you can track your favorite items there. Please contact us if a resource is down or not working properly. 

View our entire list of online resources here.