Getting Started

What is MORe?

MORe (Metroplex Online Resources) is an online portal showcasing the electronic resources and databases offered by four library systems in the North Texas area. Resources are provided by the cities of Arlington, Grand Prairie, Mansfield, and Kennedale.

Quick Tip! You must click on the name of the resource you want to use, then select your library and enter your library card number (not your username) and password to access the resource.

Who can use MORe?

Residents of Arlington, Grand Prairie, Kennedale, and Mansfield, Texas who have current library cards, or anyone who has a library card for one of these library systems. (Non-residents can obtain library cards depending on individual library policies.)

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What can I do here?

You can access FREE online resources such as magazines, audiobooks, GED help, homework help, ebooks, genealogy, and more! Many of our library patrons are amazed at the depth of information they can find using our online resources. You can even learn a foreign language or have a book read along as your child reads!

How do I use MORe?

MORe's databases and reference tools are called "resources." (What is a resource?) Resources are organized into "collections." (What is a collection?)

If you are new here, we recommend that you start your journey with our "Collections" page. There, you will find many collections, such as the one titled "eBooks":

Click on the "down arrow" (in a circle at the bottom) to expand the box and display a a short description:

Click on the image or title of the collection to go to the page for that collection. At the bottom you will see a list of resources, such as this one:


Once you get to the resource page, select your library, then enter in your library card number (not your username) and passcode to access the resource. Please contact us if you have any problems logging in to a resource.

Each resource will have its own separate website with a different site design. On occasion, a resource may offer an option to create a separate account there to track your favorite items. Return to MORe to browse through additional resources.

Important Note: Each library offers a different set of resources.

If a resource is not available at your library, your library will be grayed out on the login form. Contact us to request that your library offer the resource, or consider getting a guest library card at another library to use the resource.

How can I increase the text size?

We have endeavored to make this site accessible by using legible fonts and large buttons. If you need to increase the font size more, you can adjust the font size up or down using the +A/-A buttons on the far right of the top navigation bar: