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Career Center Plus (LearningExpress)

Prepare for a career exam, explore occupations, and improve your workplace skills here.


Get help writing a resume or cover letter and other career resources at your fingertips.

Vocational and Career Collection

Designed to meet a wide variety of vocational and technical research needs, this collection provides full-text coverage for trade and industry-related periodicals including Modern Machine Shop, Pediatric Nursing, Wireless Week, Drug Store News, Reeves Journal, Restaurant Business, Advertising Age and many more.


Real-time access to more than 20 Million Businesses, 222 Million Consumers, U.S. New Businesses, U.S. New Homeowners & Movers.

LearningExpress Library

Features nearly 1,000 online tutorials, practice tests, and eBooks to help patrons of all ages.

Jobview – Dallas-Ft. Worth

Easy-to-use service with thousands of job listings updated daily.

Job & Career Accelerator (LearningExpress)

Job & Career Accelerator is your personal job search management center.
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