eBrary's New Reader

Blog adapted from eBrary's Support Center

For offline reading of eBrary books on mobile devices such as iPads, and Android phones or tablets, we support the independent, highly-rated Bluefire Reader.

  1. Use a browser on your mobile device to access eBrary site and download a book to your device. Note, on iOS devices, use Safari (Chrome does not work well)
  2. Sign in to your personal ebrary account (if not auto-signed-in) Or, if you haven’t yet created one, see eBrary's instructions.
  3. Search in ebrary for the document you want to download
  4. Click the “Download” button
    - You will be asked what kind of device you are using 
    - When you are downloading from a phone or tablet, you will be prompted to download Bluefire first, if you haven’t already.
    - Just one final click to download the book

    - Once you download the book it automatically opens in Bluefire.

For non-Android, non-iOS devices (e.g., Windows phone or Surface tablet), select “Laptop/Desktop” as your device, then use an Adobe-DRM-compatible reader app available on that platform (e.g. DL Reader).

If a book cannot be downloaded, it might be that:

  • Book is provided as a loan - loaned books cannot be full downloaded
  • Publisher doesn’t allow full downloads, check:
  • It’s a limited-user book and no more downloads allowed for the book
  • User has the max 10 books downloaded.  Return books:


Developer Notes:

The first time you download a book on a given device, the system will guide you through three simple steps. At each of the 3 steps the guided flow reminds you what you have done and what the remaining steps are.

For subsequent uses from the same device, only one step is needed.