The 405th - Halo Costume Community

The 405th Infantry Division is a group of individual fans that bring their favorite game characters to life by building Halo armor. They have presented at many conferences and exhibited their work at shows across the DFW area. This session is led by Saul Portillo who has been making halo armor and member of the 405th Infantry Division since 2012. Go to their website for some inspiration before this session, and come with all of your questions related to Halo armor building!

"The 405th - Halo Costume Community" will be taking place...

The Psychology of Horror

Effective horror movies, books and media are able to trick the human mind into being afraid when there is clearly no real danger. This panel, presented by David Doub of Dusk Comics , will focus on discussion of the details of why and how we scare one another.

"The Psychology of Horror" will be taking place during the library's ArlingCon event at the University of Texas at Arlington's University Center in the Red River room from 1:30-2:15 p.m.

Laughing at Ourselves: Parodies & the Light(er) Side of Geek*

Presented by the mother-daughter duo group Gan Ainm Cosplay , "Laughing at Ourselves: Parodies & the Light(er) Side of Geek" will feature family-friendly videos of parody music, animation, and live-action comedy. They will be using and presenting material from Weird Al Yankovic, KFace TV, The Hillywood Show, The Potter Puppet Pals, ZTeam Productions, and others. There will be lively discussion but will also time to simply stream and comment if attendees would prefer.

"Laughing at Ourselves: Parodies & the Light(er)...

Shooting for the Moon with "Lunatics"!

Tired of "darker and grittier" reboots? So are we! "Lunatics!" takes an original and light-hearted approach to a serious subject, telling how a first successful permanent colony is established on the Moon.

Our pilot, "No Children in Space" is a "hard science fiction fairy tale" which follows the youngest colonist from the Earth to the Moon, setting up the premise for the series. The series extrapolates from present-day technologies and social movements, and is set just 25 years in the future. It's a character-based frontier story with a hard-SF foundation.

Our production...

Life Cycles of Writing and Publishing

Learn about all steps in the writing process from the beginnings of a story to finding a publisher. Local author Rhonda Eudaly will guide program attendees in best practices for riding the waves of the writing process. Come ready to lean with questions aplenty!

"Life Cycles of Writing and Publishing" will be taking place during the library's ArlingCon event at the University of Texas at Arlington's University Center in the Palo Pinto room from 1:30-2:15 p.m.

Seven Deadly First Page Sins

There's no one right way to begin your story, but there are plenty of wrong ones! In this class, we'll take you on a cautionary tour through the pits of page-one hell, complete with agent pet peeves, reader turn-offs, and "thanks but no thanks" editorial deal-breakers. Don't let your manuscript suffer in form-rejection torment: let veteran editor Laura Maisano guide you through the slush-pile inferno and lead your story toward the light!

"Seven Deadly First Page Sins" is part of ArlingCon .

There is no "I" in Improv

Coming directly to us from Comedy Sportz Dallas comedy instructor Manuel Morales is here to help you learn that there is an art to improvisational comedy! Come with your wits about you ready to learn how to work with others in all types of situations!

"There is no I in Improv" will be taking place during the library's ArlingCon event at the University of Texas at Arlington's University Center in the Sabine room from 2:30-3:15 p.m.

Virtual Reality Experience

Have you ever experienced Virtual Reality before?

Come try out the brand new HTC Vive (the latest in VR technology). Everyone gets blown away by the Vive experience! You should be next.

"Virtual Reality Experience" will be at the UTA University Center in the Guadalupe Room in the UTA University Center from 12:15 - 1 p.m.

How to get involved in LARPing

All you need to know about getting started in the LARPing community (Live Action Role Playing) will be included in this session! Led by the Harden clan of the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills, Barony of Mourningwood Glenn ( Amtgard ), a panel will discuss different kinds of LARPing, focusing on local groups. Interested parties will have a chance to get real time experience with a boffer (foam weapon) fighting pit.

"How to Get Involved in LARPing" will be taking place during the library's ArlingCon...

Summer Reading Club End Party

Come join Mansfield Public Library in celebrating the end of Summer Reading Club. There will be games, a petting zoo, and jump houses to enjoy. Please remember all children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. No registration needed.

This event will be held at the Katherine Rose Memorial Park, 303 N Walnut Creek Dr, Mansfield, TX 76063.


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