Behind the Curtains Cosplay

Expert cosplayers, including Marla Massey, Krystle Starr, and Stefany Torres are all regularly featured cosplay guests at major conventions and events. In this panel they are going to be shedding some ligth on the behind the scenes work of the business side of cosplay.

"Behind the Curtains Cosplay" will be taking place during the library's ArlingCon .

Vendor and Artist's Hall

With over 50 carefully selected vendors and artists from across Texas selling all manner of ephemera, books, art and pop culture goodies, Arlingcon's vendor and artist hall is a marketplace showcasing local art and merchandise. Attendees will discover unique items including jewelry, loose leaf tea, comics, flower crowns and more. Local authors, cosplayers, and other local groups will connect with fans at their booths.

The Vendor and Artist's Hall will be at ArlingCon at the University of Texas at Arlington's...

Game Room

What would a pop culture convention like ArlingCon be without games? In the San Jacinto, Neches and Padernales rooms on the second floor of the University Center at the University of Texas at Arlington we will be enjoying games supplied by Wild West Comics all day long. Feel free to come and go and play a game with your friends, or with a new pal you meet over the game board!

The Game Room will be taking place during ArlingCon at the University of Texas at Arlington...

Wild Stars Dancers

The Wild Stars are a cosplay dance group inspired by the Japanese anime Love Live Sunshine who love to share their dance talents with us all! They are at ArlingCon not only to perform, but also to instruct so come to their program with your dancing shoes on!

The Wild Stars Dancers will be performing and instructing during ArlingCon .

Dondoko Taiko Drum Performance

This performance by the Fort Worth based Japanese-style drumming group, Dondoko Taiko in the cozy surroundings of the Rosebud Theater. According to Wikipedia, "Taiko performance consists not only of technical training in playing rhythms, but also includes components in form, stick grip, clothing, and the particular arrangement of instruments chosen. Many groups use not only drums, but also vocal components, string, and woodwind instruments for accompaniment."

The Dondoko Taiko Drum Performance is part of...

Dance Party

In the Palo Duro Lounge we will be dancing the afternoon away with beats provided by the cooler than cool DJ Veonix .

The ArlingCon Dance Party will take place during ArlingCon at the University of Texas at Arlington's University Center in the Palo Duro Lounge at 1:30 p.m.

Exhibitor Hall

Where can you go to get pop culture information on local organizations, businesses and nonprofits? In the Exhibit Hall at ArlingCon! All exhibitors are located in the East Entry Hallway in the University Center at the University of Texas at Arlington from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Cosplay Contest

Calling all cosplayers- amateur and pro alike- come to ArlingCon's most anticipated event, our Cosplay Contest! Hosted by the wildly entertaining Ben Ambroso and judged by veteran, highly esteemed cosplayers IBlue Cosplay ( https://www.facebook.com/ibluecosplay/) , R Squared Cosplay ( https://www.facebook.com/rsquaredcosplay/) , and Frostbite Cosplay https://www.facebook.com/frostbitecosplaytx/ and with prizes galore, why...

Cosplay Contest Prejudging

Make sure to attend "Cosplay Contest Prejudging" in order to be entered into our "Cosplay Contest"! The prejudging will give our judges a chance to see the intricacies in your costuming and an opportunity to see your "Cosplay Contest" competitors up close.

Click here to register for the contest. After you've registered, you'll receive an email with the time of your prejudging slot.

"Cosplay Contest Prejudging" will take place during ArlingCon...

Cosplay Runway

Strut your stuff at our Cosplay Runway! Show off your cosplay skills for an audience of awed spectators and your cosplayer peers at our ArlingCon Event!

"Cosplay Runway" is part of ArlingCon !


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