Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet

Sugar can be present in almost everything we buy from stores and restaurants. Learn ways to identify sugar and find healthy, but still delicious alternatives!

Presented by EnRgize4Life

Natural Home and Skin Care

Do you want to learn how to keep your family healthy? Start by looking at the ingredients in the everyday products you use at home and on your skin. Learn tools that will help you identify toxic chemicals in your home, and equip yourself with resources that can put you on the path toward living a toxic-free life!

Presented by EnRgize4Life

Get Medieval

Troy Depue, creator of Medieval Facts website and author of Diary of Mordred , will share his knowledge on Medieval history. Learn about the different kinds of armor and weapon types, such as swords, axes and flails. Hear stories about the real Dracula, Vlad Dracul lll, and how he is still the hero of Transylvania, Learn the real stories about William Wallace and Joan of Arc. And let us not forget the importance of the Medieval...

Maker Nights: Paper Marbling

At Maker Nights, you will find a new hobby, make a craft, or learn a new skill to take home with you.

At this Maker Night session, learn a simple method for marbling paper. Suminagashi is a Japanese marbling technique of floating inks on water to create unique, multi-colored designs on paper. The finished art pieces can be used for further art projects or simply enjoyed as is.

No registration is required for this program. Program open while supplies last. For adults, 18+.

This program is part of the Maker Nights series for adults....

Introduction to Essential Oils

Learn about the benefits of incorporating essential oils into your every day life in this interactive introduction class.

Tips on wearing oils, diffusing oils and other every day techniques will be presented.


Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Many of our daily activities can cause pollutants to enter our local waterways through rain water which runs off impervious surfaces like roofs, sidewalks and driveways. Learn about the most common urban pollutants and their effect on our local water quality! We will discuss the purpose and function of the storm drainage system and cover common solutions to minimizing the amount of pollutants that enter our storm drain system and ultimately our local waterways.

Presented by Stormwater Management

Build Responsibly

Let us help you to alleviate problems with the floodplain permitting process and help facilitate responsible building and lessen the impact on our local waterways. This presentation will cover the submittal requirements for both Floodplain Development permits and stormwater pollution prevention plans to the City of Arlington.

presented in partnership with Arlington Stormwater Management

Protect Your Property from Floods

The Floodplain Administration Division of the Public Works and Transportation Department invites residents to a presentation discussing Flood Safety and Preparedness. Our department wants to provide information to residents on how to protect their property and their families before a flood event occurs.Topics will include emergency supply kits, emergency plans and evacuations.We will also cover different aspects of property protection and provide information on the flood services the City of Arlington supplies.

2017 Arlington Holiday Lights Parade

The 2017 Arlington Holiday Lights Parade will brighten Downtown Saturday, December 9!

Bring your friends and family to the Downtown/University District to enjoy the Annual Holiday Lights Parade. Thousands of people will gather for the pageantry which ends with the lighting of the Christmas tree on the steps of City Hall.

Don’t forget to bring your camera and your Arlington Public Library t-shirt and take a picture with Santa after the parade at the Levitt Pavilion in Founders Plaza at 100 W. Abram St.

Parade will continue as planned rain, snow, or shine …but not ice!

Minute to Win it Family Game Night

You think you like family game night now? You haven’t seen anything yet. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to complete the task before you in less than 60 seconds. Perhaps it’s stacking pennies, maybe it’s getting an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth. It’s hard to say. Come to Southeast and take the challenge—if you think you’re up for it. The stakes are high, but the bragging rights are sweet. Don’t forget your family!


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