Intro to Cosplay Contests

Put on your best costume and join Shrakakoom Cosplay as they help you to be more successful in your next cosplay contest! During this panel you will learn about the different types of contests, how to interact with a judging panel, how to stand out to the audience, how to pose like a star, and how to make the most of your time on stage. The Shrakakoom team will demonstrate the do's and do not's of each step along the way and will be there to answer all of your questions. This is your chance to learn from a team that has been both...

Lighting Your Props 101

This program, presented by Mad Raven Productions is an introduction to using light effects in your props and costumes. LEDs, fiber optics, and battery systems will be discussed as well as easy beginning projects to develop light kit skills. Example projects will be on hand and there will be substantial Q&A.

"Lighting Your Props 101" is part of ArlingCon at the University of Texas at Arlington's University Center, in the Concho room from 2:45-3:30 p.m....

Steampunk Gaming

This program, presented by Mad Raven Productions is all about the overlap between the Steampunk genre and games! The hobby of gaming has always had an active interest in Steampunk. This panel covers the wide variety of Steampunk gaming products over time and the latest Steampunk games and products developed.

"Steampunk Gaming" will take place during ArlingCon at the University of Texas at Arlington's University Center in the Concho room from 12:30-1:15 p.m.

Steampunk 101

This program, presented by Mad Raven Productions is an overview and introduction to Steampunk. It will be a great information source for new fans of the Steampunk genre. Material included covers a basic history of Steampunk and its growth as a fan genre, how to start a basic costume, and how to get in touch with groups in your area. You will also have an opportunity to have your Steampunk-related questions answered by the experts!

"Steampunk 101" is part off the library's...

Cosplay Make-Up and Stretch Mask Making

Local up and coming cosplayer and founder of Creative Entertainment Studios, Hima Mettu's program, "Cosplay Make-Up and Stretch Mask Making" will provide tips and tricks about creating new cosplay characters with improving make-up application skills and stretch mask making.

"Cosplay Make-Up and Stretch Mask Making" will take place during ArlingCon at the University of Texas at Arlington's University Center in the Sabine room from 11:00-11:45 a.m.

Sketch Dojo

With just a pen and paper, learn and sketch from artists Halo Sama and Terry Parr. One of our most popular programs from last year's ArlingCon event, Sketch Dojo is back and better than ever!

"Sketch Dojo" is part of ArlingCon .

The Rantcor Pit Roadshow

Join the Rantcor Pit Team ( ) - Jedi Cole Houston and Eddie Medina as they do an episode of their Star Wars podcast at ArlingCon! All things Star Wars are welcome so bring your theories, predictions and questions for the chance to be on the air with two Star Wars experts!

"The Rantcor Pit Roadshow" is part of ArlingCon .

Small Business Network: Human Trafficking Watch

Globally, 20.9 million adults and children are forced into human trafficking and are subjected to violence and torture. Human trafficking is in all 50 states. What can the private sector do to combat the problem?Join us for a conversation on human trafficking and learn from the Arlington Police Department what business owners can do to help prevent this crime.

Living up to Your Obituary and Planning for the Future

Often we hear people say, "as soon as I get that next raise, I will really start living!"

Social worker and inspirational speaker Tamika Shorten invites us to lo not wait until the next big raise to start living our best life. Learn tips to make your life count today, tomorrow and in the future.

Also joining in the discussion will be Dina McCoy from Dignity Memorial to talk about planning for the future.

Cosplay Wig Workshop

Up and coming cosplayer and independent contractor specializing in wig styling, Kaitlyn Bessler of KT Cosplay will host this panel about all things wigs! Choosing a wig, styling and how to wear your wig, as well as wig care and taming the synthetic hair beast will all be covered in this exciting program!

"Cosplay Wig Workshop" is part of ArlingCon .


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